Easy Tuesday chicken satay.

07/01/2014 12:15:39 pm

Tuesday's are always busy, the week is in full swing, the kids have their surf lessons and I am quickly dipping into the ocean as I am waiting for them to finish surfing. Life in Byron is good. Prawns and salmon for lunch and tonight is running night on the track with the Byron Bay Runners.


So dinner has to be quick and easy. Simple Chicken Satay skewers, which I can prepare beforehand and a wicked satay sauce- which I like to make with peanut butter, any will do, but the home made one available from any good nut-bar or great organic store- combined with one of my favourite sauces from the Byron Bay Chilli Company seems to be a winner. A crunchy tomato and cucumber salad, great to soften the blow of the chilli for veggies and done in no time.